Friday, 6 April 2012

Harry Rosen Spring Run Off

Tomorrow morning will be the Harry Rosen Spring Run Off, a 5 or 8 km run that goes through High Park, and what I believe to be the start of racing season. There will be about 2400 runners doing the 8km and 2000 runners doing the 5km. Being sponsored by Harry Rosen, there will be a few runners at the park dressed in clothes not conducive for running, like dressed in suits.

The purpose of this run is to raise awareness and funding to find a cure for prostate cancer, a cause that is important to me. About 4 years ago my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which has since spread throughout his body. When he told me that he had cancer I was struck with fear. However, his attitude has been a source of inspiration. He continues to fight his disease and keep a positive outlook. His diagnosis was also a reality check. At the time I wasn't care of myself physically, but soon learnt that I was also likely to develop the disease. Shortly after I started taking better care of myself with diet and exercise.

I remember 2 years ago, when I ran this race for the first time, Jack Layton was present, wishing those running good luck. Sadly Jack Layton passed away last year, but he brought so much awareness to the cause. Now, because of events like this run and Movember, awareness of prostate cancer continues to grow as does the money for research. I look forward to kicking off the running season with over 4000 other runners, some of whom may be fighting cancer, have survived cancer or who know somebody to has fought cancer or fighting cancer. Good luck to all those participating tomorrow!