Friday, 27 January 2012

No Pain No Gain

When I looked out the window from work today, it looked as if my run would not be enjoyable due to the weather. The walk to work from the subway itself was not pleasant this morning. Freezing rain left the ground somewhat slippery and at 11:30 it appeared that we would be in for some sort of snow storm. I also had tweaked my lower back yesterday while working out and putting on a pair of socks and shoes was quite the painful struggle.

By 12:30 the "snow storm" had stopped and the conditions appeared to become tolerable. As I got dressed for my run, the same pain I had experienced in the morning while putting on my socks and shoes reappeared. My back and brain were telling me to pack it in while my legs and will were telling me to tough it out. 

I stepped outside and took a deep breath. The weather was supposedly 2C and minus 3C with the windchill, but I felt quite comfortable in a pair of shorts and long sleeve dri-fit shirt. I took of running north on Mt. Pleasant from Bloor street. I quite enjoy taking this route, as there is a long steep hill to get things started that goes from Rosedale to St.Clair. By the time I reached the top of the hill, the sun started to break through the clouds, and feeling the sun on the back of my neck felt great. No more was I worried about my wonky back and I started putting one leg in front of the other as quickly as I could trying to get as far as I could during my approximately one hour lunch break.

Normally, when a traffic light is about to turn red, I stop at the intersection to give myself a little break and avoid getting hit by cars, but today there was no traffic on the roads and I was determined to make as few stops as possible. Going up and down the rolling hills of Mt. Pleasant felt great. Pretty soon I had reached Lawrence realized it was time to get back to work, so off I went, retracing the route I had just taken. The great thing about starting your route with a steep hill is that when it's time to turn around, you will finish your run on a steep hill.

In the end I had run approximately 8 miles in an hour. "Not too bad" I thought to myself. Taking off my shoes, a familiar pain in my lower back returned. Ahh shit.

Below is the route I had taken. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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